Risk Avoidance

The Oregon Healthcare site is a disaster, but it was avoidable.

It was a consequence of Federal Government bribery, which incentivized the State to sign up to ObamaCare and implement its own exchange.

Badly. Incompetently.

What I find more interesting is the fact that the State Governor has used the Obama excuse – “I know nothing!”

“Kitzhaber has insisted that communications about the portal’s troubles never reached him as the planned Oct. 1 launch neared.”

Real managers seek out problems, but these politicians are in it for the money, power and contributions. The buck really does stop elsewhere. Anywhere but on the Governor’s or President’s or Secretary of State’s desk.

Meanwhile, State and Federal politicians and unelected staff have their paws on trillions of dollars of cash flow. Note that at no stage has there been any attempt to address healthcare. The goal was to get at the money that all those premiums generates. From existing insured Americans.

The insurers like United Healthcare get a lock on a significant chunk of the US economy, in true crony capitalist fashion.

The outcome will be poorer Americans, poorer and less relevant healthcare services (honestly, I don’t need maternity benefits), and richer politicians and their cronies.

Which is another reason why the cronies want to disarm Americans.

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