Super Sized Burial Plots

But not in the USA.

Sutton Bridge, just up the A1 in Lincolnshire, England, is creating a bunch of burial plots for obese corpses.

Close to the road, to save the pall bearers from too much carrying. It is a blessing that Godlessness reigns in much of England, as churches will have to widen doors, install reinforced supports, cranes, etc.

I am, though, concerned. This smacks of fat apartheid. In life, and in death, people of size face discrimination.

The green solution is to extract the excess fat before burial and use it to create energy. This might save the whales, which were previously hunted for their lamp-lighting oils (as well as bones for corsets).

I imagine that the NWO will impose compulsory cremations (as is the way in Japan) in due course.

Let us hope these precede death by a few hours, and that deaths are not scheduled to meet the needs of crematoria, or of power consumers.

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