I am fascinated by home automation tech, melding wifi, mobile and everyday stuff like locks, lights, home “systems” and the like.

Looking for a couple of those light timer switches, to turn lights on and off at pre-scheduled times, I saw a box of two bulbs by TCP.

$50 for two wifi switched LED bulbs and a wifi switch box. Not cheap but about the same as two timers. So I bought them, and set them up.

Dead easy, and they work!

Download the app, and my phone is now a light switch!

I was unable to see where I buy extra bulbs at HomeDepot, but I think I will get some more, and set up a home control system.

Other stuff appeals, like the thermostat system just bought by Google (maybe there is an alternative), and door locks. Garden sprinklers could be another use.

TCP Lighting, by GreenWave Reality.

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