Unintended Consequences

We are no safer, post 9/11, than we were before.

But we have more security.

Our rulers in DC and state capitals across the USA are, however, more secure from We The People than they ever were.

Unaccountable. Dug in like ticks in a dog’s fur. Living like Chinese Communist Party princelings, we witness an hereditary power structure in the making.

In the 1960s, as the British retreated from Empire, Prime Minister and charlatan Harold MacMillan famously “played Greece to Rome”: Rome being America.

We seem now to have entered Rome’s Caesar Period, Congress having trading our constitutionally-guaranteed inherited (God Given) freedoms for sham elections which bring rotating terms of office for Emperors and their retinues.

Putin is openly a KGB criminal, in power to exercise power. I struggle to see the difference between his crime syndicate and ours, or those of the EU and China.

The CIA and NSA have evolved to protect Government from us, and the Constitution has become utterly disregarded. It reminds me of the EU’s “Constitution”, which reduced personal freedoms and liberties of Britons, and was shamelessly signed in private by the appalling Gordon Brown.

I believe that the political process is part of a long term plan to give us a new Constitution, “fit for the 21st Century”, as they will say, but in reality designed to render us tenants, not Freeholders, of our country: subjects of Government.

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