Starbucks scam

In SF last week, my hotel has a Starbucks attached. I ordered a hot chocolate, and it seemed a bit light.

Same next day, so I asked for it to be filled up.

I was surprised that the server asked me “Oh, you don’t want foam?”

That is the first I have heard of people wanting to be served foam.

It seems to me that if you order a drink in a 16 ounce cup, you should expect about 16 ounces. I believe that this is a cost-saving, margin-enhancing ruse.

Putting about 12 ounces of milk, topped up with foam, as a default sale is a great way to boost margins. And a great way to lose business.

I do wish there were more alternatives to Starbucks. They seems to get a free ride with the monopolies laws, occupying prime spots in most American cities.

Their takeover of Clover was, I think, an abuse of power. Clover was an innovative company which developed a unique coffee machine to make excellent coffee, and it was aimed at indie coffee shops. Starbucks bought the many and took it off the market.

I saw one Clover machine in the Starbucks in Andover MA, but they are not exactly commonplace. Mind you, I don’t drink coffee, so maybe I don’t notice!

Anyway – no foam, whole milk and no whip, please!

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