Not too much Social & Media Studies in China (updated Feb 19 2014)

Not surprisingly, the offspring of the poorest Chinese out-perform Britain’s best children in academic testing.

Not too much Social & Media Studies in China

British and American “educators” have been dumbing down their syllabi and praising under-achievement for forty years or more. Young Britons and Americans spend more time in the education system, learning less, at a slower pace and with lower expectations, than did their great grandparents.

The Western education industry has never been richer, better rewarded and more ineffective. Fortunately, their bloated pension schemes are under-funded, so they shall reap what they sow.

I was at a South Korean Embassy do at the British Embassy, about 10 years ago. That idiot Lord Sainsbury was there, and some duffers from the UK, on a trade delegation.

The audience was about 500 Koreans. One of the UK presenters, an engineer, said “we must encourage our young to study engineering and the sciences.” 500 shocked South Korean faces looked up, incredulous, as the translated words came from their earpieces.

I was amused by the scruffy Cambridge University lecturer who presented some nonsense (by OHP, if you remember that) on how to build an industrial production system. He was followed by Samsung, who did the same pitch via ppt. “We decided to get into Semiconductors. We planned the complete infrastructure. We built it.”

35 years ago South Koreans hired a refugee from the British car industry to start a car industry.

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