Officially, there is no inflation. Except for you. And me.

AmeriChina is unwinding its collective umpteen trillion dollar/yuan transfer of wealth from taxpayers to politicians via banks, aka QE. Japan is trying to go the other way. Germany is driving the Euro upwards, strangling its “partners”. Britain is unwinding less than the AmeriChinese.

Gold is nudging up.

Like unemployment, the inflation numbers are fake. There is no shortage or surplus of goods being chased by too much or too little money. You can buy any amount of tat, none of it made near you. Your money buys less food, energy, transport, clothing.

You pay lots of extra taxes, to send money to rich foreigners, with a slice to political parties, “charities”, all those AGW scam researchers with fake hockey sticks, and Al Gore. Because you have too much money, presumably.

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