America’s VA – modeled on the British NHS

“For the three years ending in 2013, the Hines facility spent over $1 billion on salaries for over 4,200 employees. Yet, just 309 of these employees are doctors. Add in 670 nurses and 75 practical nurses, and less than a quarter of the total employees provide direct medical care.”

Like the NHS, our Department of Veterans’ Affairs is run for the benefit of employees and politicians. If Americans want to see the model of how “public servants” will “serve their needs” in a socialized medical system which is pitched as a means of addressing in-equalities in access to medical care, they have their very own NHS. A bottomless pit of corruption, inefficiency and centralized planning, where rationing is applied to kill off the problems.

Is the VA scandal the one, of many, which will sink Obama? Either the Obama-friendly media (90% of American MSM) will just stop reporting on news, or they will blame it on “the Right, the cuts, not enough taxes or isolated cases”

We now have a load of slo-mo train wrecks, from Fast & Furious, IRS, Immigration Law non-enforcement, Benghazi, Solyndra, ObamaCare – so adding the VA to the soundtrack is not going to help the Dem cause. Obama and his cabal will have only one solution – more of the same.

To a man with a hammer, every screw is a nail. Period.

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