Corruption at the heart of Nigerian Kidnapping

Follow the money.

The schoolgirl kidnapping in Nigeria was at least facilitated by corruption in government and the army.

I don’t mean that the kidnapping is a reaction to endemic corruption, as lefties will no doubt claim (although the dumbass Guardian, Britain’s Pravda, has already blamed AGW.

I mean these girls were sold and sold out before the kidnapping took place, and there will be some powerful people in government and the army who have a schoolgirl stashed away in payment. There will be others with cash for keeping the army inactive, for letting Boko Haram stage the raid.

The government and Boko Haram may (may) be enemies, but they are not on the side of the victims.

In the USA, hundreds of women disappear from the USA each year and many are apparently taken south of the Mexican border. No outcry. I guess Michelle can’t relate to them.

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