When In Rome

“Do as the Germans do”.

But not in America. It is sensible to assume that you might be shot if you are trespassing in an American citizen’s home, especially at night.

Anguished cries from a parent are understandable when their child dies, even when engaged in a criminal act. From a Government? Perhaps Obama asked Merkel to raise it, but any government should tell its nationals to pay attention to local laws.

Americans’ right to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” Laws vary by state, but generally warning shots are not required. If you are in fear, you are going to shoot. Plenty of 17 year old burglars murder homeowners, and home invasions are everyday news in America.

Before the German govt starts shooting from the lip, they should advise their citizens to stay out of other peoples’s homes. And we all need to teach our children well, as CSN&Y sang.

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