24 Hours to save the (NHS/Whale/Tortoise/Ant/WORLD!!!!)

These dudes running the AGW scam are still playing by that old Impending Event close strategy.

It is an old sales pitch: “buy now, before the price goes up next week”.

Except that doom is like tomorrow. And jam. It never comes.

Michael Mann is living proof that research grants to climate research “scientists” are the sole cause of AGW scares. He has to keep suing people, but never going to court (Mark Steyn) in order to keep this massive Ponzi Scheme rolling along.

Aided and abetted by the socialists running the west, the UN, the World Bank, the IMF and every other taxpayer-funded safe perch in existence, Mann and his cronies are coining it. From you.

Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Bill Gates, Obama, Cameron, Mann – they all need this game to keep rolling, just like the “War on Terror”, so they can protect us. With our money in their pockets.

Meanwhile, our inherent rights are eroded, our nations’ borders thrown open, our futures mortgaged.


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