Ft. Hood – political expediency.

I learned, in this excellent article by Mark Steyn , that the USA “can’t even convict a confessed killer in less time than it took to win the Second World War. Pearl Harbor to the Japanese surrender: three years, eight months, eight days. Fort Hood to the opening of Hasan’s trial: three years, nine months, one day.”

All because Obama decided that Hasan was just another workaday guy having a bad day at the office. Well, we all know that he was anything but.

However, those victims are all on their own. Not even an Obamaphone to share.

Ross Perot personally funded medical treatment for some of them. Disarmed, these military volunteers were put in harms way by the US Army, on their own soil. Attacked by an avowed enemy.

Appalling. The President is Commander in Chief of the US Army, and he should be in front of a court martial for dereliction of duty.

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