Scary Stuff

America’s left is slowly boiling the frog of free thought, not unlike the Nazis and Stalinists and Maoists of the 30s.
That the IRS has been recruited to attack Americans is scary. That these attacks, and others, on Constitutionally guaranteed rights which we are born with is horrific.

But as long as people are happy to go along to get along, or to take state handprint of taxes, the heat stays on under the pan of water.

Progressives are like sharks – they keep moving or sink. So concessions are never going to stop them. And they define progress. To argue that social chaos, mass immigration, lawless government, arbitrary taxation and selective application of laws is progress is mad, but Alinsky’s followers believe on destroying society from within.

They assume that they will be running things, at which stage “progress” will have been achieved and any more is not allowed.

We have a government which decrees that it is acting lawfully because a secret court has ruled warrantless searches as legal. The Constitution says otherwise. The EU, The USA, China, Russia – just as individuals seek self determination, the Maoists and Marxists of the 80s are consolidating their power over us, with thought crimes used to control what we can say of think.

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