Updated! Workplace Injury Jihad – The Global War on Workplace Violentism

The Fort Hood murders were classified as workplace violence, or industrial accidents, or something, in the same way that Libya was blamed for Locherbie despite Iran’s and Syria’s dabs being all over the murder scene: it fits the zeitgeist. Look anywhere but at the facts, and eventually, as with the Benghazi attacks, you will find a politically correct scapegoat.

Fromthis story we learn that Fort Hood has inspired another Workplace Violentist to sign up.

In all reality, he was probably drunk and mouthing off, but that won’t stop him getting 300 years.

Making US Army bases gun-free zones enabled Hassan to do his jihad thing, and labeling terrorism as workplace violence does not seem to have stopped future outbreaks. The solution is surely to teach people to love each other, grow vegetables and hug trees.

Meanwhile, I await the next law suit protesting the failure of the US Army to design military burka uniforms for soldiers of all genders. This discriminates.

UPDATE: he is now locked up in a psychiatric institution.
This story tells it all!




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