Common Core, Common Purpose..

I am not shire how this fits in with the constitution, but it is another example of too much tax proving that “bad money chases out good money”.

[2014 White Privilege Conference will sponsor such workshops as “White on White: Communicating about Race and White Privilege Using Critical Humility,” or “Our Bodies Know the Way: Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismantle Whiteness and Live in Deep Community.” And then there is “White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority.” Then the important “Climate-Change-Mind-Set: Replacing White Liberalism with Racial Justice As Our Communities Organize in Response to Climate Change.” These, along with classes teaching educators how to propagandize to middle school and high schoolers, presumably were conducted at the Madison event.]

The problem is, most parents do not know about this continual campaign of racism. The Race industry needs this stuff. America does not.

If you want to see the future of American Education, look at Microsoft Vista. Since Bill Gates seems to be running the Federal Education program, Common Core, we should be running for the hills. Common Purpose anyone?

Americans spend years in second rate education. They come out illiterate, innumerate, incoherent. The solution, according to Bill Gates and the teacher unions, is more of what we have had for the past 50 years.

American schools are factories, paying high wages to unionized workers who take valuable resources and turn them into unemployable fodder for Federal and State welfare programs.

A return to small schools, with no unions, teaching local children how to read, write, communicate and create, would be a revolution. Or a counter-revolution.

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