Black Death Dig Zombies of London

There must be a zombie movie in this.

Evil right-wing capitalist biochemist lets loose plague, modified so that only his antidote works. But he dies, choking on caviar whilst celebrating his “foolproof” plan.

UN WHO special agents Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Morgan Freeman and some token Brit baddies tussle to find the only remaining samples of the antidote, which Brad injects into Angelina, and she has to take a blood transfusion from Freeman, whose bloodline goes back to the Cradle of Civilization, before the Bubonic Plague was introduced by European slavers.

The antidote is in danger of being rendered useless by Global Warming, but just in time, the Rich West agrees to 99% taxes, saving the planet for the “finest minds and best of the best from the world’s elites”. Everyone else dies a zombie living death, and the new civilization is established in a new Garden of Eden in Africa, the whole continent being plague free.

The movie ends with Brad and Morgan planning a mission to colonize Europe and America, once the zombies are neutralized.


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