Spike Lee – what a jackass!

Spike Lee’ “there goes the neighborhood” rant is fascinating.

People of no color (Ho Ho Ho) move in. They bring taxes. They care about the neighborhood. Being liberals, they probably set up crèches, bijou cafés, poverty outreach centers, guilt-reduction Racially Sensitive macrame knitting workshops and, of course, Planned Parenthood.

Garbage collection goes up. Junkies go out. Violence goes down. Rents rise.

Spike hates it. If whites resettle inner Detroit, he will have an apoplexy. I think he wants white taxes and guilt, and poverty. So he can make movies about his bigotries. Socialists need poverty – the more poor people, the more they get rich off tax dollars and misplaced guilt.

He should do a film. “The Day The Tax Dollars Stopped Flowing”. No food stamps, no free phones, no Black History Month funding, no failing schools (no schools), no buses, no social security, no money. No road repairs.

Progressives are sharks – they have to keep “progressing”, even in circles, or they sink and die. So even though Spike Lee has wealth, fame, power and media reach, he is uncomfortable with the results of “progress”: his past is another country. The neighbors of the neighborhood went with the jobs – elsewhere.

Maybe he advocates apartheid. The American Dream is about moving up and moving on, but if black Americans are kept in a place alive only in Spike’s history, the Spike Lees and Jimmy Carters of this world get to earn off their suffering.

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