AGW Happy Camping

Waking, as you do, at 4:30 this morning, a question came to me. When I am famous I will say “God spake!” But until then…

“What was the name of that radio preacher who predicted the end of the world?” This immediately led me to HRH The Prince of Wales, future King of whatever remains of the Commonwealth monarchies, where he will choose the mantle of “Defender of The Faith(s)”. Over his mother’s dead body.

Charles Windsor, or Wales, or Mountbatten (but for Kaiser Wilhelm he would be Charles Battenberg) is defender of the faith of Gaia, which religion has Al Gore as Pope and Michael Mann as Ayatollah (I decided to mix and match faiths, as Chuck would wish).

Harold Camping discovered the problem of being specific about the end is nigh predictions. Twice.

Politicians learned to defer inevitability, by imposing on one date taxes and events which become due in the future, and the AGW extremists have a spin on this.

The taxes and dimmed light bulbs and healthcare insurance hikes and job losses come first, and the promised event is deferred. So The Disciples of Gaia issue Fatwahs agin us, call us non-believers, deniers, flat earthers, headless chickens and terrorists, because we use empirical evidence to deduce that the end ain’t nigh.

The story evolves. The point of no return is upon us, like the horizon. Imminent, but not just yet. Over that next hill. But if we pay some more tax, we can SAVE THE (enter lost cause) and enrich The Church. And it is a broad church, flying the flags of the United Nations and the EU (that latter-day swastika). When Gaia has its own flag, it will be Green on a Greenback(ground).

Hitler was a Green, a Watermellon. Anti smoking, anti fox hunting, vegetarian, not fond of deniers. Stalin and Mao would have been green if it had helped, and they were very hostile to deniers.

I think these Horsemen of The Apocalypse would have admired the way the new church of Gaia has melded the Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Marxist and Fascist faiths to create an outsourced, global, crony-capitalist-statist money making, power-broking operation. “The End Is Nigh-on Deferrable(TM)”

Harold Camping, meanwhile, is dead. His radio ministry was largely sold off. He died humbled, because he set a finite date. If he had just said “the end will start soon, and it will take many years before you notice, but one day, it will come, so repent now”, he could have got away with it. Except he believed.

Chas, Al, Obama, Soros and co, of course, are not believers in God, as was Harold, nor do they care about the hereafter. Just the here and now, and their higher calling to preside over their flock of subjects.

Today, as the line goes, is the first day of the rest of my life. I am betting that the world will continue, life will continue, good, bad, indifferent – so we should get on with it. It ain’t no dress rehearsal.

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