How is that reset working out for you, Vlad?

Putin’s rerun of the Nazi invasion of Poland is a direct consequence of Obama’s “reset”.

Just as the GOP prefers coming second, so that the politicians can enrich themselves from “fighting socialism”, so the world’s politicians yearn for the old days of the Warsaw Pact-led Cold War.

Why? It drives We The People to the comforting arms of Mother and Father State. The GOP needs the Dems, so they can fund-raise, for the victory that will never come. The Dems need the poor, the “oppressed”, the under-achievers, the AGW scam, so they can steal tax dollars to feed their hyper-rich lifestyles.

The UN, EU, China, Russia – they all need the Bloc-based realpolitik power system. So thirty years after Thatcher and Reagan won the war, we are headed back to the comfort blanket of global regional stasis.

The Vampire Squid will make a new fortune, we will be impoverished and our freedoms eroded.

Obama, like Cameron, talks loudly but carries a small stick and will not use it.

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