Back home.

It is great to be back home in Kerrville, Texas.

I spent last week at the RSA Expo (an IT security trade show) in SF, with an early start on Sunday 23rd, flying from San Antonio, landing at 08:00 at SFO. I managed to get a few photos in on Sunday, but it was pretty much wall-to-wall until I packed up the booth and flee to the airport on Thursday.

We had engine problems – the starter would not fire in one engine, so the United Express flight was delayed, and I finally returned to Kerrville, and hit the sack, around 03:30 Friday morning.

After a bit of a lie in, I worked at home, and also exercised my franchise. I had worried about missing the early voting, which ran until 28th, but took my card to the polling station (I think “we” call it something else) and lined up to get my ballot paper.

This was the primary, and being Kerrville it was really about which Republican candidate to vote for. There was a lonely table for Democrat primary ballot papers. I don’t understand why Dems don’t have card voting, since they love it for their Union conspirators.

The problem with it being all Republican is that you are bound to get RINOs, as we have in DC. It is hard to weed them out. If we had a real contract, we could throw them out for breach, when they vote against the policies on which they were elected. That, of course, would drain the swamp, and we could turn Washington into a museum, renamed Smithsonianville.

I was delighted to see that there were lots of voters. And voting takes time. In England, you show up, as marks the spot, and you are out of there. Usually it takes just a minute or two. American voting has so many more candidates to vote for, and a bunch of motions to vote on. And this is just the primary!

Two sides of a large page, and X does not do it. Completely fill in the box by your choice. The great thing about America is the participation, which Americans do not, of course, recognize as being anything other than their normal. We take for granted the right to vote, and to stand for election. To reject candidates, motions. So, of course, many people neglect their right to vote.

Seeing the electoral fraud and corruption in Russia, The Ukraine, China, Africa, as well as much of Europe and the USA, makes me realize how hard won, and easily lost, the right to vote in open and fair elections is.

Chicago, like most Democrat strongholds, is famed for its rigged ballots: JFK’s election was bought by his corrupt and appalling father Joseph. In the UK, the Blair government corrupted the electoral process by pushing postal ballots, especially in immigrant communities. This is like the card vote, designed to steal elections.

But at least we have elections. I am delighted that I have to show my driving license to prove my identity, to make it more likely that my vote has the same value as every other vote cast.

And I am delighted not to be Ukrainian. I expect there will now be a rush westwards of Ukrainians who also wish to not be Ukrainian. God Bless America, and preserve us from our politicians!

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