Wall Street Lambs in Wolves’ Clothing

The Mundane Reality of Wall Street

When we watch movies featuring industries or businesses that we know well, we can see through the cliches and far-fetched plots. It is, after all, Hollywood, dependent on the suspension of disbelief to entertain and make a profit.

There are probably more wheeler-dealers in the fast food or window blinds industries than there are in the finance industry but try amping up a movie about Wally’s Blinds and Shades. Mind you, I do recall a movie about two guys selling home cladding in 1960s Baltimore..

[Wall Street is a generic, anyway. Boiler shops usually run out of basements in New Jersey or Florida.]

Here’s the view from the ground floor of Wall Street:
“Mostly well-intentioned middle-to-upper class risk averse 22 year olds exchanging (lots of) time for (white collar) menial labour, being mostly discontent about the whole situation and led on by the promise of quitting for a more financially rewarding job and working fewer hours.”

The wolves are in DC.

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