Proof that AGW is a scam: John Heinz Kerry speaks!

Proof that AGW is a scam: John Heinz Kerry speaks!

Dumber than a box of rocks, and wrong on every major policy decision in his entire life, Mrs Heinz’s consort has confirmed that the whole climate change fraud is an exercise in transferring wealth, on a massive scale, from poor westerners to rich dictators, bankers and plutocrats, with a slice for the Pope of Gaia, Al Gore.

Meanwhile, the United States has historically low labour market participation rates at just over 60%, and the only democracy in the Middle East is being undermined by the Obama administration, as Kerry continues the appalling maladministration of his predecessor Hillary Clinton.

One thought on “Proof that AGW is a scam: John Heinz Kerry speaks!

  1. I believe that these activities such as chasing consensus for AGW, arguing over theories which are unsupported empirically are all an orchestrated diversion and smoke screen.
    The real danger comes from the United Nations and UN Agenda 21 which is the parent of AGW.
    Is the UN a dangerous and malignant bureaucracy? My research points to this.
    There is no conspiracy as everything is clearly described and published on official websites etc. All we need to do is read it!
    Here is an example on Agenda 21 policy on land.
    See the my highlights in red on page 8

    Click to access unitednations-conference-on-human-settlements_habitat1.pdf

    No wonder property rights are being abused in my city under the guise of an earthquake recovery.
    Ever consider the Agenda 21 wetlands policy. It works like this. 1. Persuade a farmer to part with a swampy area of his farm and label it a ‘wetlands restoration’. 2. Do nothing and let the wetland ‘recover’ which means the original drainage will block and the wetland/swamp will spread further onto the farmer’s land. 3. If the farmer in desperation clears the drainage problem then fine or gaol him. 4. Observing that there are now further spreading swamps ‘wetlands’ encroaching on said farmers land, well take that off him too.
    Note that this guy once owned the land in question, it is not mentioned how it was transferred to the government. Also willows are mentioned. Willows are not natural in New Zealand and used to be regarded as pests because they block waterways.
    In my country, maybe more than 50% of farms are comprised of more than 90% drained swamp.

    Check out the warped thinking on page 12. Re: educating men or women!

    Click to access education-for-sustainable-development-toolkit.pdf

    My blog has more real life examples!
    Please visit both posts.



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