When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, there was a song on the radio, by the New Seekers, of “I’d Like to Buy the World a Home/Coke” fame. All My Life’s a Circle still comes into my head, and I am taken back to the train platform at Fareham Train Station, with my mate Clive Broomfield.

We would put ha’pennies on the track. Old ones, so this would have been 1970, summer. They were coppers, the size of a quarter or a two penny piece now. “If you don’t have a ha’penny, a penny will do” 😉 The train would thunder by, and a freshly minted razor-thin ha’penny, brilliantly shining, lay in the gravel by the rail, leaving a fresh imprint of The Queen’s Head, or Britannia, on the rail.

Clive was at a summer camp, at some place by Fareham, just a few miles from Gosport, but it seemed so exciting. With pretty girls we didn’t dare talk to. I tagged along and All My Life’s a Circle was the only song I recall. Well, The Archie’s Sugar Sugar, and Oh Blah De Oh Blah Dah from The Marmalade, and The Pushbike Song from Mungo Jerry, and..

So. All My Life’s a Circle. How true. I suppose dogs must get it too: if you are a Retriever, you just keep on picking stuff up and carrying it to someone.

“What goes round comes round” is circular, but not the same. That is external, or consequential. Circular life is probably something programmed, like Fido and the slipper, so that you have a propensity to experience things. Well, actually, it is bullshit – you just notice or create patterns out of coincidence, to make life seem predictable, warm, safe and so on. But that would render this comment even more pointless.

I came to Starbucks yesterday. I never quite knew who was in charge, but they seem a pretty well managed bunch of happy campers. I heard the guy with the beard ask “hey boss woman!” And then I knew who the boss was.

Today, I odered my Hot Choc, which most of them know by now (Grande, whole milk, no whip) with a new (to me lady) and waited. And waited. Eventually I chased it up, and stopped her putting in skimmed milk, and then asked her to take off the whipped cream (I refrained from being Mr Angry!).

She apologized. “Our boss was killed this morning. We are a bit distracted.”

I heard about the accident on the radio this morning. Icy roads, bright morning sun.


That circle of life thing – best make the most of it, because you never know when it is going to stop, and what goes round, no longer comes round.

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