At least the Thai Army admits it is a coup.

Thailand’s 19th coup is official.

Unlike the slo-mo coups d’état in the EU member states and the USA.

The EU’s unelected cabal has overthrown the elected leaders of the UK, Greece, Italy and probably a few others, whilst the Emperor of the USA uses his pen to bypass We The People, aided by the Constitutionally-protected “free press” in his many illegal and unconstitutional acts.

We have unlawful mass surveillance of the citizens, secret courts giving secret judgements on secret trials and secret prosecutions with secret convictions.

Companies are compelled, in secret, to give the NSA and unknown other Agencies of US and foreign governments unfettered access to “confidential” records of transactions numbering in the billions.

The presumption of innocence has been all but suspended, as our masters run a dragnet over every financial and digital transaction. Postal communications are routinely tracked, traced and intercepted.

The North Koreans are “protected” from their “enemies” by the apparatus of state. We, in our “Free” world, are similarly protected. Like the rabbits in Watership Down.

The IRS is used to persecute Obama’s political opponents, backed up by the EPA, NSA, FBI, DoJ, BLM and the paramilitary private armies of God alone knows how many departments of Federal and State government.

One day, the President will turn on his TV and be “madder than hell” to discover that he and his Democrat Party have staged a coup in slow motion.

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