The 51st State

Years ago, before it became an outpost of the German Empire, aka the EU, the UK was often referred to as “the 51st State”, an outpost of colonial America.

The 51st State is much closer to home. Sharing its capital with the USA, the Federal Government is now the largest, richest and most powerful of the states that make up the Republic of the United States of America.

Having made a grab for healthcare, the Federal Government is now flexing its muscles via its agencies, notably the BLM.

Many Federal Government departments have their own SWAT teams, with access to millions of rounds of soft nose (dum dum) bullets,fully automatic weapons, drones, riot vehicles, armored vehicles and mass surveillance.

And they are not afraid to use them.

Why should they be? The constitution has been neutered, an advisory document, a list of suggestions. Education, another area solely the fiefdom of states, is being taken over with Federal mandates and using cash to bribe and blackmail State education bodies. Bill Gates is part of the Common Core program. Common Purpose gets an early intro to schools.

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