Dave The Socialist

The BBC’s candidate to be leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, who despite his best efforts to come second is the accidental Prime Minister in a soft left government, is “Call Me Dave” Cameron.

A series of slo-mo coups d’état that have taken the UK into a perilously undemocratic political state, as a subsidiary of the EU and subservient to multinational governance from the UN, the ICHR and the ludicrous AGW movement.

Getting Dave and his bunch of Etonian schoolboy to take over the Tory Party was just one of the moves, as were the rise of the RINO class in the GOP and the elevation to Emperor status of the Presidency of the USA.

Allowing the Inland Revenue free rein to help themselves to your cash (but not his) is yet another return to pre-Magna Carta days.

Another reason to vote them all out.

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