EU saves the world from… CoffeePotting

Just when you thought the 300 analysts who run the EU had run out of headline grabbing initiatives with which (if you will pardon the Blairism) to associate the “projet”, they pulled this lapin out of le chapeau. Or is it female?

Yes! Now your dreadful, glue-tasting coffee from your europot du cafe can also be tepid, to save the world.

One imagines that the European makers of coffee pots will have come up with this wheeze to boost flagging sales. The Y2K of Coffee Making has been created!

They just fed the idea over lunch to their favorite analyst, perhaps via a paid lobbyist from their trade association. He pitched it to his colleagues, who had run out of things to regulate, and they draped it in the green banner of AGW Fraud. Hey Presto!

90% of the production will, of course, be from China.
Electricity prices will continue to rise.
The coffee will still be industrial grade dross.
Voters will continue to have zero influence.



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