Frankly, my dear…

Why does the UN have an ‘expert’ who has an opinion on Britain’s culture?

Do the voters of the nations that support the monstrously undemocratic UN really want to pay for these ludicrous people to express their opinions from on-high?

The NWO is being imposed, week by week, in a drip drip drip of opinion, comment and “thought leadership” from unelected employees of unaccountable bodies.

Those same faceless bien pensant types exist, unaccountably, throughout national societies, of course. The Federal government of the USA has many departments, like the Bureau of Land Management, each with its own armed police force. Armed as in fully automatic, military weapons. And hollow point rounds. For use against civilians. To manage land.

In the UK, the secretive Family Courts work with social services to remove babies from the womb and put them up for adoption. A spin on Herod?

It will all end in tears. But it will end.


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