USS Lerner, Holder in trouble

The 2016 Presidential Election campaign is well under way.

In WW2 analogies, we have moved from Munich (when the GOP ignored Churchillian Cruz’ attempts to defund ObamaCare), and the phoney war (Senator Paul) to Dunkirk, where we hope the conservative Americans can get their army off the beaches of Immigration, War on Women, AGW and PhobiaGate (every fake distraction of über-minor minority “rights”).

Yes, I know. Like the USA in WW2, the GOP is late to the party. But hopefully America will have its Al Alamein ( “Before Al Alamein we never had a victory. After Al Alamein we never had a defeat.”: Churchill).

Is The IRS battle Al Alamein?

if the House puts on its big boy’s pants with Lerner and then Holder, perhaps. Arresting Lerner would send a clear warning to Holder, also in contempt.

Can Obama grant them pardons just in case in time?

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