America’s Imperial Republic give us POTUS-FLOTUS!

A begging letter from Dubya’s Dad, HW Bush.

Am I supposed to be impressed that this failed RINO ex-President patriarch of the Bush Baby family is supposedly sending me an email?

I am offended that, once out of office, American politicians have their most grandiose last titles bestowed on them by a toadying media. That they then use these titles themselves is offensive and self indulgent.

Haw was a disaster in office. His family and the Clinton clan are running an hereditary oligopoly: they should marry Chelsea to one of Dubya’s daughters, so we can have a grand slam: third generation hereditary presidential family same-sex first all-female shared presidency!


The GOPInc thinks it is going to win the Senate, so the RINOS are coming out of the woodwork to make some more money.

I shall pass.


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