The meaning of “Partisan”

These days, words are being redefined legally (Marriage springs to mind) as well as by force of usage. The English language evolves. The American use of “momentarily” is quite jarring, as in “the plane will land momentarily” – one must assume that they hired a trainee to write the flight crew announcement manual.

In American politics, Partisan means different things to different people. To progressives it means opposition, as in this nonsense from partisan Clinton of the partisan Democrat Party.

I read yesterday that she was given full charge of foreign policy by Obama, as he was grappling with domestic economic policy. Actually, Obama has spent his presidency focused on his golf handicap, surfacing to denounce any opponents of his race-baiting as “partisans”, who have no sympathy for the sufferings of “folks”.

So America has 63% labor force participation and untold trillions of debt combined with a disastrous foreign policy that has seen an Ambassador murdered, Syria torn apart, The Ukraine dismembered and Iran threatening global nuclear jihad.

So, Hillary: how is that change working out for you?

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