Political Crimes, step by intolerantly diverse step.

I have just stopped using Firefox – here’s why.

“The intimidation factor will be huge with corporations, who don’t want to suffer through boycotts or corporate character assassinations; the path of least resistance will involve quietly checking the politics of high-profile hires, to make sure they haven’t voted or spoken in a way that might touch off the mob. Those who seek such high-profile positions will understand that their political credentials must be kept in good order; the exercise of free speech, or providing financial support to certain issues, will be judged far more trouble than it’s worth.
That’s how fascism works, and while you might be chilled to the bone by reading the previous paragraph, rest assured that Eich’s tormentors are delighted – it describes precisely the environment they wished to create.”

Change You Can Believe In.

America’s Press, ludicrously self-regarding, pompous and also dying, is at the vanguard of denying people the liberty to exercise free will, freedom of expression and freedom of association. Compiling and publishing lists of political donors, gun owners and so on is disguised as news, but is intended to chill the inherited freedoms which our Constitution guarantees.

We are allowed no diversity of thought, under this regime.

I guess people should be grateful that no “666” tattoo is yet required, but I can imagine these thought police demanding that “deniers” (of AGW, homosexual marriage, animal rights or white man’s guilt, for example) wear identifying armbands.

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