Sad, Mad, Bad? Tragic.

“Police also charged Schlemmer with attempted homicide, reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence, for allegedly hiding her wet clothes in a trash bag and then hiding that bag under three other bags.”

The news that this mother drowned her two younger sons in the bath is awful.

For the family, not least the surviving son, who will carry survivor’s guilt for his entire life. For her, and for the two sons (I am assuming the one in critical condition will either die or be severely disabled).

America’s criminal legal system has no way to deal with mentally ill mothers, other than incarceration, and she will be tried and hanged in the Media for the next two years until she is sentenced to thirty years consecutively for each murder, plus a load of years for the other “crimes” which the DA will throw at her.

If she was a father, of course, there would be no consideration of mental illness. I imagine that she was long suffering from post-natal depression.

No-one is going to come out of this well. Certainly not the Law.
Have a Blessed Day.

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