Global Warming Conspiracy unraveling

Patrick Moore, a Canadian ecologist and business consultant who was a co-founder of Greenpeace told US politicians that there is no evidence man is contributing to climate change, and said he left the group when it became more interested in politics than the environment.

I expect that our NWO Politburo will order his excommunication, because Gaia is like Islam, in that apostasy is punishable by (social & career) death.

Prince Charles will be having Mr Moore erased from royal pictures taken in happier days; Al Gore will be leaning on his Canadian allies to have grants reviewed and expenses going back 25 years checked for any discrepancies.

Polar bears will continue to over-breed.

The AGW scam is about transferring wealth from poor westerners to rich dictators, with a percentage skimmed by the über-rich and the bien-pensant.

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