Guns or Butter.

As Mark Steyn points out here, the Dems chose butter for America, and hired a RINO to turn the guns into food stamps.

I wonder if our Army will go back to those British Army dinner plate style helmets that you see in Pearl Harbor movies, and park the remaining fighter planes in tight groups on display for incoming attackers.

Britain went this route – smarter war, fewer men, fewer weapons, bloated weapons programs that don’t deliver, newer smarter weapons to replace the older, not so smart weapons, fewer men, fewer ships, scrapping Air Force squadrons, selling navy Harriers for scrap, fewer men, smarter war..

It does not work. You tell your enemies that you live in a “Gun Free Zone”, and guess what happens next?

Flying drone missions from a bunker, killing indiscriminately, seems like a cheap and cool option, but it does not scale. Winning peace requires overwhelming presence on the ground, which is why the west does not win wars, just battles.

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