Spinning The Numbers on Vehicle Reliability

% of used cars for sale >200k miles

I have a Ford F-250. 120k on the clock.
Two points to make about this puffery from the Mail.

1. More vehicles on the market could mean that they take longer to sell after 190k miles. So This could equally mean that high mileage F-250 trucks are dogs. The F-150 is the best selling vehicle on the planet, so why is it ranked #18?

2. 200k miles is nothing. My first car was 15 years old (1963) and was shot with 50k miles. Bought for £150, sold for £30. I was robbed. Engines were usually rehired or replaced at 50k miles back in the 70s.

My 1995 Jeep Cherokee had 400k on the clock by 2005, when I sold it for £500. Most of those miles were done by 2000.

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