Liberal Luddites

Mark Steyn on The New Tribalism

The thought police of the warmist Nazis must be struggling. Having failed to eradicate the words used to describe opposition to their ludicrous cult, they are seeking to expunge such words from print.

The early printing presses were seen as threatening, and newspapers even more so, putting dangerous thoughts into the minds of people who should not know better. Now that we no longer have to get the local monk to write and read for us, the AGW scam is trying to censor third party media.

Mind you, they have been pretty successful. The BBC is a leader in this field, pushing the unscientific AGW line that the science is settled, in its own patronizing way.

So a bunch of metrosexuals who think the world is about to end if we don’t starve plants of the air they breathe think we should not read or write dangerous words.

Next up: Kristallnacht? Cattle wagons? Work Camps, where we can be re-educated (“Reeducation Makes Freedom”)?

With governments and the UN singing off the same hymn sheet as crony capitalist corporations, teamed with billionaire elitists who know better than the people, we can be sure of one thing. They are wrong.

Seeking to censor news is just the start; before long they are handing out 21st century equivalents of yellow stars and pink triangles, limiting bank account access, monitoring credit card use and restricting media access. Far fetched? It was in 1930. We already have Hate Crimes.

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