Destruction of liberty is like wife-beating..

I read, in a novel, a copper describing wife-beating as “like pushing on a door with rusty hinges. Hard at first, but it gets easier.”

It reminds me of the erosion of our liberties, the encroachment by government on our rights and freedoms. These are not granted by our Constitution – we are born with them, and the Constitution recognizes this.

The rise of China has shown the American establishment that, if you keep people fat and happy, they do not mind having liberties taken away. The EU pays lip service to democracy, but then so many of its leaders are Marxists and Maoists, who, like RINOs, wear the politics of democracy because they get into power that way.

Obama, aided by Congress and the Judiciary, is happily pushing on that rusty hinge. We The People are in an abusive relationship, and like Europeans, we are in this position because we are no longer “a Demos”.

I read on LinkedIn a quote from Bill Gates: “By 2035 there will be almost no poor countries.” I met him once – rude dude with appalling hygiene, who had a minder to brush the dandruff off his collar.

By 2035 there will be millions of Americans and Britons who are poorer than their grandparents and great-grandparents, living in much poorer America and Britain, as the stupendously rich elites use the AGW scam to redistribute personal wealth from the West to African, Middle Eastern and Asian dictators, despots and plutocrats.

Thus, India will still have appalling poverty, but it will be a richer country. Afghanistan will be immeasurably wealthier, and its people will be living in the Stone Age, dependent on Saint Bill for mosquito nets.

Of course, the Gates and Gores of the world see themselves as wise men, redistributing the personal wealth of undeserving westerners to “share it all around”, as Obama said.

“Events, dear boy, events!” as MacMillan said.

Obama’s foreign policy will result in a very different outcome. In 1914 the lamps were going out in Europe, and 100 years later the lamps are going out everywhere.

As Justice Scalia said yesterday, in time of war, the law falls silent. Obama’s rusty-hinged door has been leaned on hard and often. By 2035 there will be a very changed world.

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