NHS not fit for purpose

NHS not fit for purpose

Free at the point of delivery healthcare means very expensive and poorly delivered healthcare, and the sixty year experiment of the National Health Service proves this every day.

People who started funding the health service at its inception just after WW2 have, through their taxes, paid the bills of millions of patients, and are now finding that it is, in reality, a massive Ponzi Scheme.

Unlike Bernie Madoff, no-one is going to go to jail, but millions will die or suffer because they are no longer deemed of sufficient benefit to society.

When did the notion of deferred consumption die? Along with the Protestant work ethic, it was consigned to the outmoded file in the 1960s, as the Welfare State and, in America, LBJ’s Great Society, destroyed the old order.

By all means laud the Brave New World, but, to borrow the dishonest words oF the Labour Party, don’t get old.

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