Naymz – does anyone care?



I mean, other than Tom and Tony, does anyone care?

My RepScore has steadily edged down but fails to hit bottom, since I last did anything about it way back, maybe in 2010. 

For a brief period, Naymz did a rebrand, presumably having hired a new bunch of people, probably having taken on new VC funding and doing that “rearranging the deck chairs” routine.

Then they did a de-rebrand, perhaps having extracted themselves from the clutches of the new guys. Or maybe these are the new new guys*

I wonder what Naymz’ RepScore is? Is there a market for a corporate Naymz? All we need now is for Rupert Murdoch, or perhaps Wendi Deng, to buy it, freeing Tom & Tony to declare victory and become VCs on some other startup’s board.

*Yes, I know I should Google it, but I can’t be bothered.

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