Beating about Bush

Beating about Bush

Some dude, 44 and living with mother, blames Dubya for stopping Babs Bush being his betrothed. The dude’s bethrother, that is, not Dubya’s.

Initially, I assumed this was about Herbert’s Barbara, Dubya’s mother, which made sense, as the guy was living with mother and probably has what are referred to as “issues”.

People here either have “issues” or “allergies”. As in “my allergies are giving me hell today, but your issues are a serious problem.”

So Mommy Dearest found a note, saw a rifle was missing, and called in the secret service, who arrested said dude. but he was in NY. So either Dubya was up there too, or he was in Dallas, putting on his cowboy act. But if he was in Dallas, the danger was less than clear and not at all present.

After all, the dude with the issues would be late for his supper if he went to Dallas.

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