Baroness Morgan – Eat Cake!

Baroness Morgan – Eat Cake!

Reminds me of those women tv news readers who climb the greasy pole on their looks and get upset when a younger, “dimmer” babe steps into their place. These socialist “public servants” move from government to QANGO to boardroom with nary a break, and think they are entitled to keep running policy until their party gets back in.

Term limits for all of these creeps would be a great thing, forcing them off the public nipple and into five years’ private sector employment, (ie no charity or BBC or EU or NGO sinecures) paying taxes, no dole or social for every year of “public service”

Regardless of political party, they are all invariably the same, with “diversity” limited to gender, race and sexual preference, but quite diverse from the people. Too many Hooray Henries? Meet Henrietta, Chukka and Trevor, who all know how to comport themselves in the BBC Green Room, and speak the same coded doublespeak.

They do non jobs, with great pay, and every day is a networking opportunity to line up the next gig. Chris Patten, Dame Suzi Leather, Peter Mandelson, Ban Ki Moon, Janet Napolitano, Prodi – “Come the Day, Citizens! Come the Day!” As Citizen Smith used to say.

PS how about a higher rate of income tax for them, to compensate the private-sector taxpayer for carrying them all these years? 20 points on top of normal taxes, a special extra tax on their pensions and capped salaries at the national average, pro rata should discourage them.

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