Stop calling politicians “Lawmakers” – it makes them act like Moses


Oh really, John? Gosh. I feel so bad.

These GOP guys turn losing into a great business. The more they lose, the more people are supposed to stump up tithes to keep them fighting the good fight. The media, consultants and professional analysts love it, because they get the consulting kickbacks and advertising dollars in a classic spin on inflation, with too much donated money chasing too few policies.

I can’t see what value I would get for $42, and at Boehner’s prodigious rate of selective patronage, it would barely buy Christie a snack between feasts.

Calling these people Lawmakers just encourages them to come on down from Mount Congress with a bunch of new laws. Not the 10 Commandments, but the 10,000 pages of “you’ll find out what is in it when we serve the writ” stack of laws. I thought this arbitrary law stuff went out with Magna Carta.

The term Lawmaker is just part of the self-serving mutual back scratching act performed by what is laughingly referred to as the fourth estate, the new priesthood of secular America. We have earnest Newsmakers deifying Lawmakers who in turn pay homage at the altar of TV News.

Meanwhile, in the real world, America has more able-bodied citizens unemployed than ever, not counting the millions of illegals and their dependents. America’s 319 million citizens collectively owe untold trillions of dollars of unfunded and unfundable debts and obligations. How is “Lawmaking” the solution to this national war of attrition on America’s Wealth?

I would willingly pay $42 if they would stop being Lawmakers.

In 2013, why do we need DC? America’s boomtown, in a time of chronic recession, prospers because Lawmakers gather in (unholy) Congress to make Laws, their appointed judges of the Judicial Branch make political judgements , and The Executive Branch executes, usually by drone, when it is not playing golf.

As Adam Smith pointed out, “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public”.

The Three Branches and The Fourth Estate no doubt think that he was referring to grubby plumbers, bankers, bakers, candlestick makers, wheelwrights, cartwrights and coopers. Perhaps he was, but these people – Congress, Newsmedia (and single-agenda movie, tv and music stars), Judiciary and The Executive,  – are all in the same trade, The Exercise of Political Power. They meet together in DC, and in State Capitals across the nation, and the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public.

The Founding Fathers imagined that checks and balances would preserve the nation – it did not occur to them that the three branches would together collude with the “free press” deemed so necessary for our freedom from tyranny.

So how about they conspire from home? They can have non-stop web meetings and phone calls, all under the watchful eyes of their families and the NSA. There is no need for Mr Smith to go to Washington DC, when Washington DC can come to Mr Smith.

All that money being poured into the moneypit on the Potomac can then go to reducing the trillions of Obama’s and Bush’s debts, or be spent and saved by the people who earn it, on Main Street America.

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